Friday Favorites

Hey ya’ll, happy Friday! Did you have a nice week? Ours seemed to fly by. We’ve had all sorts of fun this week…

PicMonkey CollageNow we’re looking forward to a great holiday weekend and a festive bash at our house on Monday. Oh, how I love throwing a good party 🙂

Hopefully you pull some 4th of July inspiration from my favorite things this week; time for Friday Favorites! Have a great weekend!

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites

Favorite Easy Treat: Brownie & Fruit Kebabs. Love the brownie addition to these kebabs. Because loving chocolate is the American way.

Favorite Hack: How to cut a watermelon. Watch out watermelon, you’re about to get sliced into super uniform cubes.

Favorite Sticky Treat: Toasted Marshmallow Campfire Cones.YES! With sprinkles on top, please.

Favorite Topper: DIY Fourth of July Pie Topper. So simple and sparkly.

Favorite Rub Recipe: This one. This is our go-to rub recipe. It’s amazing. You should try it. I’m serious.

Favorite Fashion: DIY Fourth of July Shirts. Adorable!

Favorite Cheesecake: Frozen Triple Berry Cheesecake. A frozen cheesecake! Color me intrigued (and hungry).

Favorite Blanket: Picnic blankets. We have a similar picnic blanket, thanks to my sister, Jennifer! It’s a great size and rolls up so nicely.

Favorite Breakfast: Blueberry Cream Cheese Doughnuts. I need these!

Favorite Hot Day Activity: Ice Chalk. I can’t wait to try this!

Favorite Secret Ingredient: Durkee sauce added to potato salad. Thanks to my new obsession with A Chef’s Life on PBS (thanks, Cindy), I heard about Durkee sauce. I’m going to hunt some down and add it to my potato salad this weekend.

Favorite S’mores Helper: Dollar Store Mini S’mores Party. Because who doesn’t want to go to a S’mores party?


Happy weekend!



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