Friday Favorites

Fri-yay! Three words to sum up this week: taxes, toddler, and teeth. Tax season is in full effect and it’s a little different having a toddler around for the whole thing. I’ve been pretty good at managing my time & get quite a bit done while she is napping (thank heavens she usually takes a 2-3 hour nap every afternoon). Only 2 months left! As for the teeth, Quinn had her first dentist appointment this week and I think she did a great job, a few tears, but no major meltdown. Two thumbs up for that!

PicMonkey CollageThe other great part of this week has been the weather. After being snowed in at the beginning of last week, these 50-60 degree temps all week have felt phenomenal! The continuing nice weather this weekend should make for a lovely Valentine’s Day. Do you have any big plans for the holiday? I think we’re going to stay in and make a nice dinner at home and watch a movie after the little one goes to bed. Sounds perfect to me!

I hope you all have a great weekend, time to kick it off with my favorite things from around the web in this week’s edition of Friday Favorites!

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites

Favorite Breakfast: Red Velvet Waffles. Perfection!

Favorite Kitchen Accessory: CucinaPro Heart Shaped Waffle Maker. I should probably buy this waffle maker to make those waffles, don’t ya think?

Favorite Dip: Cherry Cheesecake Dip. This would be a dangerous dip for me to be around. I would eat all of it (I’m such a rebel).

Favorite Floral: Modern Valentine’s Day Arrangement Using Grocery Store Blooms. Gorgeous!

Favorite Salad: Valentine’s Day Salad. How easy, simple, and delicious!

Favorite Game: Famous Besties + Couples Memory Game (Free Printable!). I knew my pop culture knowledge would come in handy some day đŸ™‚ Victory will be mine!

Favorite Cake: Classic Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. Come to mama!

Favorite Hobby: DIY: Heart Embroidery Sampler. I could totally get into embroidering.

Favorite Pasta: Cacio e Pepe. This dish will make any pasta lover swoon.

Favorite Banner: Heart Banner Printable. I love gold (and glitter).

Favorite Cookies: Hearts and Stripes Forever Cookies. LOVE! I need to go decorate some cookies now.

Favorite Accessories: Tiny Gold Heart Stud Earrings. How cute are these?!

Favorite Cupcakes: Pink Velvet Cupcakes. Pink Velvet is just so pretty.

Favorite Tidbit: Starbucks’ Valentine’s Day Drinks. Three new chocolate drinks, only available this week. I’m gonna need one of these. Byyyyyeeeeee.

Happy Friday!

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