Top 10 Recipes of 2015

As hard as it is to believe, 2015 is almost over.  This year seemed to fly by for me, what with Quinn transitioning into toddlerhood.  Things are busy and noisy and messy, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. My heart is full and happy.

I’m looking forward to the year ahead.  I just know it will be an exciting year for my baking endeavors 🙂  But let’s not forget about the yummy year that was 2015.  Here is a top ten list of this year’s most popular recipes, as viewed by you all.

Please enjoy this year-in-review.  And thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you for reading my blog, giving me feedback, and sending me love and encouragement.  You guys are the best!

10. No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake Cups.

It was so much fun playing around with no-bake cheesecake cups this summer (because turning on the oven in the summer is avoided at all costs).  These little beauties are delightful.

Cherry Cheesecake Cups9. Pumpkin Pie Pull-Apart Bread. 

You know I love my pumpkin, so I was happy that this outstanding bread was well-received by you!

1038. Red Velvet Fudge. 

FUDGE!!!!  You guys, I have eaten an embarrassing amount of fudge in the last week.  (On a completely related note, I’m going to need bigger pants.)

0217. Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookie Bars.

I somehow forgot about these bars, how dare I forget!  Because seriously, the gooey-factor of these bars is unforgettable.

4206. Peanut Butter Heart Cookies.

Awwww, I love PB Heart Cookies and I love looking at the cute Valentine sign Quinn made last year.  Adorbs.

0815. Biscoff Cookie Butter Cake Balls.

Cookie butter deserves all of the love ♥

3894. Sticky Toffee Monkey Bread

YES!!  I have to make this again, stat.  (Another reminder that I should just go ahead and buy bigger pants.  Embrace it.)

15083. Trillionaire Bars.

These bars will make you feel like a trillion bucks.

img_20722. Homemade Pop Tarts.

I’m so happy that Pop Tarts are high on this year’s list.  I had so much fun making them (and eating them)!

0261. Chocolate Magic Custard Cake.

Wow!  I was surprised that this was the most viewed recipe this year, simply because it was such a stretch for me.  I tend to stick to pretty traditional recipes, and this one felt more like an experiment.  I guess I better keep taking risks in the kitchen!  Look out 2016, I’m going to mix things up 🙂

0281Happy New Year!

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