Friday Favorites

Muhahahahahaha.  Oh excuse me, I didn’t see you there.  I was just practicing my best spooky voice for Halloween (tomorrow!).  Bring on the trick-or-treaters.

I’m going to go to bed early tonight in hopes that I can kick this nasty cold and be ready for the festivities tomorrow.  The inevitable autumn cold has hit our house; Josh had it last week and now it’s my turn!  Quinn has fortunately escaped with only a small case of the sniffles and a slight cough.  Nothing that will stop her from enjoying the holiday!

PicMonkey CollageI better wrap this up before my nighttime cold medicine kicks in. Have a happy Friday and spooktacular Halloween!  Time for Friday Favorites!

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites

Favorite Breakfast: Blackberry Custard Donuts.  Hello, breakfast.

Favorite Beverage Cooler: Pumpkin Party Cooler.  A pumpkin full of ice to keep your drinks cold.  Pumpkins are amazing.

Favorite Cupcakes: Double Chocolate Reese’s Pieces Cupcakes.  All I want for Halloween is one of these cupcakes.  (Who am I kidding? I want all of them.)

Favorite Last Minute Halloween Decoration: DIY Silly Ghost Balloons.  I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Favorite Sandwich: Apple & Gouda Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  Gouda should be on everything.  Yum.

Favorite Footwear: Taupe Suede Women’s Desert Wedge from Toms.  I’ve been eyeing these for a long time now, they are just so darn adorable.

Favorite Cookies: Pumpkin Spice Monster Cookies.  These look absolutely marvelous.

Favorite Pumpkin: DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin.  Super adorable, right?

Favorite Fritters: Spaghetti Squash, Quinoa, & Parmesan Fritters.  Making these!  I think little Miss Q will love these (turns out she only likes vegetables when you hide them these days).

Favorite PantsBrushed Twill Pants at H&M.  I bought these pants in Dark Blue last weekend, but now I really want them in Khaki Green.  They’re great with a chunky sweater and boots. (Tip: I found that I needed one size larger than other jeans I’ve bought from H&M because of the higher waist.)

Favorite Fall Party: Caramel Apple Bar.  What a great idea for a fall party!

Favorite GamesFive Easy Halloween Games.  Just in case you are looking for some last minute games to play with the kiddos tomorrow, these ones come together in a snap.

Favorite Meal: Maple and Mustard Glazed Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts.  I made this for supper last night and it was delicious!  A filling fall meal with zero guilt.

Favorite Truth: You know what I’m going to be for Halloween?  A mombie.  No costume necessary 😉  Actually, this shirt with the pants and wedges I posted would make for a cute outfit.

Happy day to you!

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