Friday Favorites

Hey guys!  We made it through another week, didn’t we?  It’s been a mini tax season over here, but it’s over now.  HOORAY!!!!!!  Needless to say, I’m super enthused for the weekend and getting back into the kitchen to get my bake on.

One highlight from last weekend was celebrating this little pumpkin’s 18 month birthday…

PicMonkey CollageHow in the world is Quinn already a year and a half?  Seriously.  My little girl is growing up and that makes me feel all of the emotions.  I must say, the best part of her growing up is seeing her personality shine more and more every day.  She cracks me up (and challenges me like crazy).

How about we all make the best of this weekend?  Do something fun.  Treat yourself.  Make somebody else smile.  Sounds like a plan?  Let’s get this weekend started with my favorite things from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites!  Yay!

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites

Favorite Breakfast: Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal.  Making this!  I think the whole family will like this one 🙂

Favorite Vase: DIY Teapot Vase.  Gorgeous.  I’m going to paint everything gold now.  Gooold!

Favorite Cupcakes: Toffee Apple Cupcakes.  I would demolish these cupcakes.

Favorite Buckets: Halloween Buckets.  Adorable. Not pictured, a “Treat Yo Self” bucket…check it out.  I absolutely love it.

Favorite Appetizer: Peach, Proscuito, & Brie Tart.  Come to mama!!!

Favorite Wall Hanging: DIY Candy Corn Wall Hanging.  A cheery party decoration, for sure.

Favorite Football Food: Smokin’ Chipotle Black Bean Dip with Oil Free Butternut Squash Chips.  I’m not sure if I could get Josh on board with the squash chips, but that just means there will be more for me 😉

Favorite Gourds: These ‘Gourd’eous Candle Holders.  Love, love, love.

Favorite Meal: Chicken and Brussel Sprouts with Mustard Sauce.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets really excited about Brussel Sprouts.  Or am I a weirdo?

Favorite Space Saver: Magazine & Book Storage for Kitchen.  Fab idea!

Favorite Bars: Ganache Topped Caramel Bars.  My, my, my…these look mighty tasty.

Favorite Fall Decor: Painted Wood Slice Pumpkins.  FALL DECORATIONS!!!!  HOW CUTE ARE THESE PUMPKINS?!!!!  (Sorry for yelling, I’m just really excited)

Favorite Pretty Sweet: Caramel Apple Roses.  A beautiful dessert, sure to impress.

Favorite Funny: Kid Theater with Tom Hanks.  Kids should seriously write movies.  Pure comedy gold.

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