Friday Favorites

Fancy meeting you here!  Hope you had a spectacular week.  If you didn’t, well, I hope this weekend makes up for it!  We’re clinging on to great weather here, so playing outside has been the highlight of our week.

PicMonkey CollageEven though the weather has been nice, I’ve been cooking all sorts of fall food.  We’re talking chili, chicken & dumplings, and squash mac & cheese.  Delightful!  And guess what?  I have a fun week of recipes in store for you.  Starting Sunday, I’ll be posting five straight days of pumpkin recipes.  That’s right: IT’S PUMPKIN WEEK!!  I did a pumpkin week a few years ago, so I figured I was long overdue to bake up some more tasty pumpkin dishes for you.  Stay tuned for all of the pumpkin you can handle 🙂

Now go & have a great weekend!  It’s time for my favorite things from around the web; time for Friday Favorites.

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites

Favorite Cupcakes: Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes.  PSL season has officially begun.

Favorite Frames: Custom Name and Picture Boards.  Love, love, love ♥

Favorite Football Food: Hella Spicy Cheesy Chicken Dip.  There ain’t nothin’ wrong with cheesy chicken dip.

Favorite HairQuick and Easy Top Knot.  Effortlessly pretty.

Favorite ChocolateSnickers Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie.  How incredible does this look?  Wowza!

Favorite Accessories: DIY Brass Tube Earrings and Necklace.  So pretty and so chic.

Favorite Breakfast: Breakfast Enchilada Bake.  Burritos for breakfast!  I would totally pop out of bed in the morning if I knew this was awaiting me.

Favorite Date Ideas: 50 Things to Do (Other than Movies).  I started a Popsicle jar with date ideas a year ago, so I absolutely love this list.  More things to add to the mix!

Favorite Chicken Dish: Chicken Cordon Bleu Roll-Ups.  Can’t wait to make this recipe, it looks yummy!

Favorite Wreath: Burlap Bubble Wreath.  Burlap just screams fall to me.  Such a cute and easy project.

Favorite Dip: Peanut Butter Toffee Apple Dip.  I would eat this by the spoonful.

Favorite Tech StorageElectronics Command Station.  I get so sick of seeing cords hanging everywhere, so this project is right up my alley.

Favorite Dough: Crazy Dough for Everything!  You guys, this will make things so easy!  I’m going to make a few batches and freeze them.

Favorite Truth: Challenge accepted.

Happy Friday!

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