Friday Favorites

Hooray for Fridays!  After a productive week, I’m ready for a little break this weekend.  I tell you what, I love crossing things off my to-do list; it makes kicking my feet up all the more rewarding.  I suppose with Quinn being such a busy little girl though, the kicking up of the feet won’t happen until about 7pm. 🙂  She’s walking all along the walls and furniture in the house, seeing what trouble she can get into.  Picking up every piece of dirt on the floor, opening all of the cabinets, trying to put shoes in her mouth, etc…all while quacking like a duck.  That kid sure makes everything interesting!

Another day, another wagon ride

Another day, another wagon ride.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!  Shall we start it off with Friday Favorites?  Let’s!

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites

Favorite Breakfast: Breakfast Tacos with Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa.  Tacos for breakfast?  Sign me up.

Favorite Food Site: Baby FoodE.  I am in love with this food blog.  And I am so excited to get in the kitchen to cook up some of these fabulous recipes for Quinn!

Favorite Bread: Herbed Garlic Parmesan Focaccia.  I’ve never met a focaccia that I didn’t love.  This is sure to be love.

Favorite Outdoor Game: DIY Giant Jenga.  How fun!

Favorite Pasta: 10 Minute Greek Cheese Tortellini.  Fresh and flavorful.  Oh, and there’s the tortellini.  Tortellini is the best.

Favorite Farmers Market: Golden Farmers Market.  FARMER’S MARKET SEASON IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Golden Farmers Market opens tomorrow!

Favorite Cake: This Vanilla Almond Cake.  What a beauty of a cake.

Favorite Decor Project: Revamp thrift store finds.  Brilliant!

Favorite ‘Dilla: Chicken Fajita Quesadillas.  I eat more quesadillas in a week than I care to admit.  But, I think if I was making quesadillas like these, there would be no shame.

Favorite Activities: 50 Easy Art Projects for Toddlers.  As I mentioned before, Quinn is a busy little lady.  Playing outside keeps her happy, but we’ve had so much rain (all of the rain) in the past couple of months that I am scraping for ideas to keep her occupied during the day.  This list is just what I need!

Favorite Toffee: Salted Caramel Toffee.  I need this in my life.

Favorite “Really?!”: A Lifetime movie starring Will Ferrell & Kristin Wiig is coming to Lifetime June 20th.  Is this real life?  I don’t watch Lifetime, but I will absolutely watch this movie if it’s for real.  Well done, Lifetime.

Favorite Side: Summer Succotash with Grilled Corn.  This succotash just screams “SUMMER,” don’t you think?

Favorite Freebie: Where to get FREE donuts June 5.  Happy National Donut Day, y’all!

Happy Friday!!

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