Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Did you all have a nice week?  Ours was pretty good.  We settled into our new routine with me working less and Quinn working more at getting into everything!

PicMonkey CollageI’m not sure what’s in store for the weekend, possible some garden prep or renovations to Quinn’s room.  Either way, it will be exciting!

Have a superb weekend.  Shall we start it off with my favorite things from around the web?  Yes, we shall. 🙂

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites

Favorite Pie: Raspberry Meringue Pie.  Doesn’t this look simply divine?

Favorite Wall Hanging: Chevron Pallet Mounted Hanging Mason Jar Vase.  Love this!  What a cute way to display a colorful bunch of flowers (because spring has sprung!).

Favorite Breakfast: Quick & Easy {Baked} Cake Donuts.  Donuts, the breakfast of champions.  And these are made from cake mix.  So you’re eating cake for breakfast.  I won’t tell if you won’t tell.

Favorite Footwear: Blowfish Granola Whiskey Brown Sandals.  I need a cute, yet sturdy pair of sandals.  Sturdy.  Maybe that’s not the first thing you think of when sandal shopping, but I tell you what, it’s important.  I don’t want to buy a new pair of sandals every year.  (Am I in the minority here?)

Favorite Sandwich: Slow-Cooker Jalapeno Popper Chicken Sandwich.  Don’t put those slow-cookers away yet…this is a great recipe for busy weeknights!

Favorite Planter: Bird Bath Planter.  Love this!  We even have a bird bath!  Woohoo!!

Favorite Condiments: Homemade Condiments.  I so want to make my own condiments; you just know that they’ll taste a million times better than store-bought.

Favorite Bathroom: Farmhouse Bathroom.  What a great look!  I just love the wood counter top.

Favorite Easy Sweet: 5 Minute Chocolate Fudge S’mores Mug Cake.  Delectable!  I bet it takes 5 minutes to make and 2 minutes to devour.

Favorite Gardening Tips: A Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet.  We’re gearing up for planting our garden and this cheat sheet is sure to come in handy.  Check out the link to see more tips!

Favorite Dirt: Dirt Cups.  After a long day in the garden, I’ll be ready to dive into this cup of dirt.  (Chocolate dirt, that is.)

Favorite Photo Musts: 50 Photos to Take with Your Kids.  I’ve taken at least 5,273 pictures of Quinn since she was born, but most of them are just close-ups of her face.  Time to expand the pictures of her & make sure that Josh & I are in some of them, too.  I absolutely love this list, check it out!

Favorite Cake: Cinnamon Roll Cake.  The perfect cake for an afternoon cup of joe.

Favorite Happy: Kid President.  #MakeItHappy.

Happy weekend to you!

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