Friday Favorites

Hello!  I hope you had a fabulous week!  I’m excited to give you all an update on last weekend’s house hunting adventure.  First, Quinn was a very good baby, she barely complained. 🙂  Second, drumroll please…….WE FOUND A HOUSE!!!  We are currently under contract and set to close in a month!!  Hooray!  The house is an older ranch with good bones and a lot of charm.  After touring the house, I stood in the kitchen and whispered to Quinn “I think this is our house.”  She responded by sticking her tongue out, so I guess that was her seal of approval.  The search is over, let the packing begin!  Good thing we are experts at packing (this will be our 9th move in 7 years).

While I get busy making lists and starting the process of packing (things I oddly love to do), please take a look at my favorite things from around the web.  Guys, it’s time for Friday Favorites!

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites

Favorite Flapjacks: Peach Buttermilk Cornmeal Pancakes.  Awhile back I made cornmeal pancakes with blueberries and they were oh so tasty.  I’d love to try this version with peaches!

Peach-Cornmeal-Pancakes-1-words-760x1024Photo courtesy of The Daring Gourmet

Favorite Organizer: Jewelry Hanger.  I should really declutter my jewelry (maybe when we move) with this simple organizer.

Photo courtesy of Lowe's

Photo courtesy of Lowe’s

Favorite Chocolate: Copycat Cosmic Brownies.  Don’t these just look melt-in-your mouth delicious?  Yes.  The answer is yes.

Copy-Cat-Cosmic-BrowniesPhoto courtesy of Baking Beauty

Favorite Hair: 2-Minute Low Braided Bun.  How cute!

Photo courtesy of Express-O

Photo courtesy of Express-O

Favorite Cake: Clementine Cake.  What a gorgeous looking cake.  It would be absolutely divine with a cup of tea.

Clementine-Cake-006Photo courtesy of grabyourspork

Favorite Shelves: DIY Restoration Hardware Inspired Shelving.  Charming shelves for any room.  In dreaming of my perfect kitchen, I’ve thought that shelves like this would be neat to have for displaying favorite dishes and bowls.

shelves41Photo courtesy of Seventh House on the Left

Favorite Drink: Fresh Cherry Cola Floats.  The first caffeine I wanted after Quinn was born was a Cherry Coke (thank you Josh for helping a mother out).  Fresh Cherry Cola Floats, here I come!

title4Photo courtesy of Spache the Spatula

Favorite Glitter Project: DIY Glitter Letters.  Love!  I love a good glitter project.

glitter1Photo courtesy of Eat Yourself Skinny

Favorite Snack: Honey Roasted Almonds.  Oh honey, I want these.

Honey-Roasted-Almonds-Recipe-notitle-cwmPhoto courtesy of Cook with Manali

Favorite Fashion: Summer’s Last Appearance.  Great outfit to transition from summer to fall.

hanes9Photo courtesy of The Fox & She

Favorite Scones: Banana Bread Scones.  Yes, please!

Banana-SconesPhoto courtesy of diethood

Favorite Containers: Pretty Knob Jars.  These jars would be great organizers for the bathroom.  Cotton balls, cotton swabs, all of the cotton will have a pretty home!

8 add knobs14Photo courtesy of DecoArt Blog


You didn’t think I’d leave you without a Quinn pic, did you?  Of course not!  Here’s our little four month old teething and drooling baby:

084Have a happy weekend!


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