Friday Favorites

Fotor0711180027Our little lady is 3 months old today!  She’s growing up so fast.  I’ve caught myself saying “remember when she was a baby” a few times, like I think she’s an adult now.  As though she’s going to apply to colleges and look for a reasonably priced studio apartment in the city soon.  Silly me, she is still a baby.  However, it does feel like she’s starting to leave the newborn phase (4th trimester).  She’s babbling all the time now, she observes everything around her, and she’s thisclose to rolling over.  My absolute favorite thing at the moment is that she smiles and kicks her legs like crazy when she sees me.  Makes a momma feel really special. 🙂  Anywho…now I’m the one babbling.  I just can’t help it, I love her like crazy.

I hope you all had a wonderful week!  Any fun plans for the weekend?  Enjoy yourself and please enjoy my kickoff to the weekend in this week’s Friday Favorites!

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites.   

Favorite Appetizer: Jalapeño Rolls.  I love stuffed jalapeños, but they can be so messy.  Adding breadstick dough to the outside could save from a hot mess on your face (plus, it is breadstick dough, so how could it not be good?).

Favorite Planters: DIY Mailbox Planters.  I’m digging the bright color choices for these mailbox planters, very summery.

Favorite Bars: Vunderbars.  Vunderbars sound vunderful.

Favorite Kitchen Tip: How to pit cherries without a pitter.  Why didn’t I think of this?  Last time I pitted cherries I used a turkey baster and broke it.  Slaps self on forehead. 

Favorite Pie: Classic Peach Pie.  I just love peaches and pie.  Millions of peaches, peaches for me. 

Favorite Upcycle Project: How to reuse Birchboxes.  Birchboxes are piling up in our closet.  They’re such nice boxes, that I haven’t had the heart to throw any away.  This little organizer would be a great way to reuse a few of the boxes and store the fabulous samples that show up at my doorstep every month.

Favorite Party Food: Grilled Figs, Prosciutto, & Burrata.  Ugh, the ingredients in this dish are making me super hungry right now.  What I wouldn’t do for some burrata right now.

Favorite Rug: DIY Painted Geometric Rug with Frogtape Textured Surface.  This would look cute on our patio, for sure.

Favorite Drink: Summertime Sun Tea.  Sun Tea in Mason Jars, like summertime in a jar.

Favorite Hair: Tuck and Cover French Braid.  How cute is this ‘do?

Favorite Pasta: Creamy Tortellini with Pancetta & Spinach.  This is mouthwatering.  I’m such a sucker for tortellini.

Favorite Wall Hanging: DIY Rustic Mason Jar Sconce.  Want to make a wall look pretty?  Here’s your solution.

Happy Friday from me and Quinn (and her best Blue Steel face)!


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