Friday Favorites

Fotor0704131121Happy Fourth of July!  Quinn is so excited to celebrate America’s birthday, she may have wet her pants.  Fireworks were shot off last night by our place and, fortunately (or unfortunately, since it was 10pm), she didn’t freak out.  We even took her out on the deck to watch them and aside from a few startling blasts, she seemed pretty amazed and voiced that amazement through coos.  Let’s see if tonight’s light show goes as well.  Fingers crossed. 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful celebratory weekend ahead of you!  Let’s kick it off with Friday Favorites!

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites

Favorite Easy Treat: Red, White, & Blueberries Platter.  Easy and patriotic…count me in!

Favorite Safety Tip: Sparkler Shield.  Ok, so sparklers are dangerous.  However, I think this idea is wonderful if you plan on using sparklers…it could certainly help protect hands getting burned.

Favorite S’mores: Seven fun twists on S’mores.  It just wouldn’t be the 4th of July without some messy S’mores on the menu.  Raid your pantry and make some of these fun variations of the traditional S’more.

Favorite Nails: 4th of July Nails.  Hey, I think I still have time to slap some polish on my neglected nails!

Favorite Veggies: Red, White, & Blue Veggie Kabobs.  Eat your veggies!

Favorite Fashion for Kids: Bandana Summer Skirt Tutorial.  Someone please remind me to make one of these next year!

Favorite Adorable Treat4th of July Ice Cream Cones.  Too cute to eat?  Yes, but who cares?!

Favorite Table: Patio Table with Built-In Ice Boxes.  Genius!

Favorite Side Dish: The Best Baked Beans Ever.  It isn’t a BBQ without baked beans.

Favorite Basket: Red & White Painted Bushel Baskets.  Great idea for a serving bowl at a picnic.

Favorite Sticks: 4th of July Fruit Sticks.  Super cute and super festive!

Favorite Bag: Duck Bag in Sailor Stripe by Baggu.  This bag is wonderful.  We have one and use it as a diaper bag.  It’s cute and functional without screaming “DIAPER BAG!”

Favorite Pop: American Flag Oreo Pops.  Any excuse to eat an Oreo is fine by me. 🙂

Favorite Apps: 10 Free Road Trip Apps for a Smooth Vacation.  Planning a summer vaca?  Make sure to download these apps to help you along your journey!

Have a fabulous and safe fourth!


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