Friday Favorites

Hey there, Friday.  I must have been really excited for Friday because I woke up at 3am this morning.  Neat.  Maybe it’s the gigantic baby growing in my belly or the sore arm from my whooping-cough vaccine yesterday that did it.  However, I am happy that after work tomorrow night I’ll have over 24 hours of doing whatever I want.  That will most definitely include a nap.  And crafts, don’t forget crafts.  Whatever your plans may be for this weekend, I hope you have fun!  Now, let’s look at some of my favorite things from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites.

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites 

Favorite Dessert: Beignets Tiramisu with Chocolate Ganache.  Say what?!  I was just looking for a good Beignet recipe when I stumbled upon this genius dessert.

Favorite Towels: DIY Painted Kitchen Towels.  Love these!

Favorite Meal: Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya.  Mardi Gras for your dinner plate, come and get it!!!

Favorite Home Makeover: This Farmhouse Makeover.  As we’ve struck out so far on our house-hunting adventure, this makeover gives me hope that we’ll find the right house someday.  Even if it needs some polishing 🙂

Favorite Cookies: Oscars-Statue Cookies Recipe.  Everyone’s a winner with a cookie like this in their hands.

Favorite Printable: 2014 Oscar Ballot.  I’ve done a poor job watching the movies that are in the running for Oscars this Sunday, but I’ll still watch because I’m a sucker for award shows.

Favorite Comfort Food: Baked Gnocchi Mac ‘n Cheese.  I want a big bowl of this.  And then a nap.

Favorite Wreath: Make a Cool Wreath From Fabric Scraps.  Easy and fun for spring.

Favorite Pizza: Bananas Foster Cookie Pizza.    I’m bananas for this recipe.

Favorite Vases: Copper Spray Painted Bottles.  Swoon!

Favorite Popcorn: Truffle Popcorn.  Fancy popcorn for a fancy (I’ll wear my best pajamas) night watching the Oscars.

Favorite Place Setting: I love the simplicity of these silverware bundles.  Plus, it looks so springy that I’m hoping by posting this spring will come faster.  Wishful thinking, I know.

Favorite Cupcake: Tie-dyed Mardi Gras Cupcakes.  I need this cupcake in my life mouth.

Favorite Funny: 23 Reasons Why Kids are the Meanest People in the World.  I wouldn’t say mean, I would say hilarious.

Somehow, we’re only 46 days away from my due date (and the end of tax season).  Where has the time gone?  It probably ran off with my energy.  Luckily, the excitement of knowing our little girl will be here soon is helping me muster up moments of productivity.  Not enough to make me want to hunt down a Durian Fruit this week though…that stinky fruit is not worth the energy.

Fotor0228170752 Happy, happy Friday!

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