Friday Favorites

How in the world is Christmas over already?  In one week we spent over 24 hours driving and the rest of the time visiting with family.  It was wonderful!  However, it’s hard to come back down to the normal swing of things after 7+ days of eating piles of cookies.  Luckily, the weekend is here so there’s time to relax and come down from the sugar-high. 🙂  I hope you’ve all had a lovely week.  I didn’t have a lot of time to browse the interwebs this week, but fortunately I still found a bunch of fun things for this week’s Friday Favorites.  Enjoy!

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites

Favorite Pudding: Chocolate Banana Avocado Pudding.  Healthy, easy, and delicious?  Say it ain’t so.

Favorite Wall Art: DIY Kitchen Wall Art.  What a fun project!

Favorite Drink: Nutella Hot Chocolate.  Nutella makes everything better, doesn’t it?

Favorite Bowl: Confetti Bowl.  Save your confetti this NYE and make this bowl!

Favorite Dip: Green Goddess Dip.  As I’m looking forward to celebrating Tuesday night, I’m also looking forward to eating healthier than I have been.  Green Goddess Dip with Veggies sounds like a fulfilling snack for ringing in the New Year.

Favorite Serving Idea: Appetizer Tree.  Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a tree at center stage anymore.  An appetizer tree is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your New Years Eve party.

Favorite Appetizer: Warm Skillet Bread and Artichoke Spinach Dip.  I would have a hard time not eating all of this in one sitting.

Favorite NYE Party Ideas: 5 New Years Eve Party Ideas including this DIY Sequin Photo Booth.  Sequins make me happy.

Favorite Breakfast: Cinnamon Roll Kabobs.  Me thinks this is the perfect first breakfast for 2014.

Favorite Obsession: Baby Headbands.  These upcycled baby headbands are adorable.

Favorite Meal: Runza.  Last Friday, on our drive through Nebraska, we sadly did not eat at a Runza.  Now I’m craving one like you wouldn’t believe.  Good thing I saw this recipe!

Favorite Lists: Top 10 Everything of 2013.  Before 2014 is here, reflect back on all the big headlines from 2013.

Happy Friday, all!  No bump update today, I haven’t had time to take a pic this week or buy a cantaloupe.  I’ll try to get it in a post before next year. 😉

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