Friday Favorites

Today marks the last day of my 20’s.  I think I’m OK with this.  Maybe ask me again tomorrow.  I think I’ll focus on all of the good times I’ve had and all of the great people I’ve met along my 29 years.  That sounds better than thinking about wrinkles, slowing metabolism, and just general oldness.  Age ain’t nothing but a number.  And I like numbers.

While I try to embrace this whole turning 30 thing, please enjoy my favorite things from around that newfangled thing called the Internet.  🙂

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites 

Favorite Frozen Treat: Birthday Cake Freezer Pops.  My plan of buying popsicle molds hasn’t happened yet, but I will definitely add popsicle sticks and medicine cups to my shopping list because these Birthday Cake Freezer Pops are too adorable to resist.

Favorite Beauty Tool: DIY Dry Shampoo.  Greasy hair isn’t a very pretty thing to talk about, but it happens.  Whip up a batch of this dry shampoo with 3 common ingredients found in your pantry and laugh in the face of greasy hair!

Favorite Appetizer: Melon Salad with Spanish Serrano Ham.  Sweet + Salty never disappoints.  Mark it down, I will have a Tapas Party!

Favorite Color: Glitter.  Period.

Favorite Drink: Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake.  Toasted marshmallows are my fave.

Favorite Pin: Vintage 1983.  I like this.  I’m vintage and getting better with age.

Favorite Pie: Sopapilla Cheesecake Pie.  Because why not?

Favorite Flower: Arabian Night Dahlia.  Gorgeous flower.  Now if I could just keep flowers alive…

Favorite Breakfast: DIY Waffle Taco.  Waffle Tacos should be the new rage.

Favorite Bracelets: Sliding Knot Bracelets.  Time for an arm party!  I love this idea, it’s a great twist on the charm bracelet.

Favorite Oil: Basil Oil.  Wouldn’t this be a pretty gift for a friend?

Favorite Headbands: Party Headbands.  I don’t care how old I am, I want to wear one of these headbands tomorrow.

Favorite Future Trip: Vermont in the Fall.  This trip will happen in the next few years!

Favorite Bread: Gouda and Garlic Butter Pull Apart Bread.  I think I will eat all of the bread today.

Favorite Bucket List: A Bucket List For Your 30s.  Is it just me or do bucket lists seem to be a popular thing for people approaching their 30+ year birthdays?  I’ve been working on my 30th year bucket list, it’s not quite complete because I love lists so much I can’t seem to get it down to a reasonable size.  One thing I know will be on the list is reading more classics.

Watch out 30’s, here I come!  Have a happy Friday!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Melissa, I got quite a kick out of the ‘Vintage’ pin 1983′. I graduated high school and got married in 1983! Not sure I feel Vintage! Happy Birthday, Aunt Rita

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