Friday Favorites

Howdy folks!  Friday is here so I have nothing to complain about.  Except for needing to clean the bathrooms, that’s never fun.  It’s well worth it though because Josh’s parents are making a quick trip to visit us this weekend!  I like when our guest room is in use. 🙂  Have a super-fantastic weekend, I know I will!  Now time for my favorite things around the web.

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites 

Favorite Drink: Lemon Cream Pie Milkshake.  Liquid Pie never looked so good. 🙂

Favorite Fashion: Let’s Polka Sheer Top.  I love the name of this top & how cheery it looks.

Favorite Meal: Grilled Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potatoes.  Mmmhmmm, a healthy and flavorful meal.  Perfection!

Favorite Fitness Plan: 30 Days Guns, Buns, & Ab Challenge.  All of these areas need attention.  I’ve been slacking in the workout department.  My fingers get lots of exercise typing though, does that count?

Favorite Small Bite Dessert: Cannoli Strawberries.  Strawberries + Cannoli, why not?

Favorite Purse: Medium Leather Messenger Bag (Yellow Chevron) from Blushing Tomato.  Last weekend I went to the Spearfish Art Festival in the Park with my sisters and nieces, it was hot but fun!  Us grownup ladies each bought a bag from the Blushing Tomato booth, I got this beauty below.  Loves it!

Favorite Breakfast: Homemade Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches.  Cereal gets boring after a while, I think I need to make these freezer sandwiches.  Baking eggs in ramekins to keep them circular is brilliant!

Favorite Bathroom:  I’ve been watching far too much HGTV lately.  Now that home improvement bug has spread to the internet, I just love this bathroom below!  It’s so spa-like.

Favorite Baseball Snack: Cinnamon Pecans.  Baseball is great and all, but let me be honest, the #1 reason I go to the games is for the sugared nuts.  The best.

Favorite Watch: Mint Anchor Bracelet Watch.  Isn’t it time for me to buy a new watch?

Favorite Pasta: Broccoli, Grape, and Pasta Salad.  Skip the deli counter and make this salad at home!

Favorite Craft: DIY Cookbook.  Making a Family Cookbook and a Spoonful Cookbook have been on my craft list for over a year now.  Hop to it, Melissa!

Favorite Salad: Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing.  This salad is just like one of my favorite starter salads at Foleys.  Hooray!

Favorite Funny: SNL actors breaking character.

Have a happy Friday!!!

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Thanks for featuring my Cinnamon Pecans. They are one of our favorite treats! Oh, and that Lemon Cream Pie milkshake looks sooo yummy! I think I might have to make one of those soon!

    • I love your idea for breakfast sandwiches, they look perfect for a speedy and tasty breakfast! Breakfast sandwiches in the morning and a shake for lunch sounds like a good menu to me. 🙂 Have a great Friday!

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