Friday Favorites

Oh hey, Friday.  I should let you know that I had a double espresso this morning and might need to run around the block a few times.  Whooooooo!  The double espresso was needed after working a couple hours this morning and fighting the urge to take a nap when I was finished.  I ain’t got time for a nap, the weekend has started and I have things to do, like read, bake, and paint my nails.  Ugh, doesn’t that sound awful? 😉  Have a fantastic weekend, folks, and please enjoy browsing through my weekly roundup of favorites from around the web!

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites

Favorite Ring: Stone Ring from Mango.  I confess that I am not a huge jewelry wearer, but there’s just something about this simple stone ring.  It doesn’t hurt that it only costs $14.99.

Favorite Bread: Twisted Parmesan Herb Loaf.  Gorgeous loaf of bread, eh?

Favorite Paint Colors: Top 100 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors.  Someday we will own a home and be able to paint walls.  To help me dream, I looked through this collection of Benjamin Moore paint colors and fell head over heels for this Knoxville Gray hue.

Favorite Drink: Strawberry Spa Water.  Is your water too boring??  Jazz it up with strawberries!

Favorite Wreath: Baseball Wreath.  Every baseball loving family needs this wreath hanging from their front door.

Favorite Tart: Rhubarb Cream Cheese Tart.  The buttery shell of a tart combined with luxurious cream cheese and sweet rhubarb sounds delicious!

Favorite Anthropologie Cheats: 38 Anthropologie Hacks.  I love Anthropologie, but let’s face it, I’m kind of cheap.  Thanks to this collection of hacks, I can make some of my favorite finds at Anthro on the cheap.  I think I should start with these herb jars.

Favorite Pizza: Balsamic Peach Chicken Pizza.  Ooh la la, does this pizza sound tasty!  I am already envisioning enjoy 5 slices of it outside on a warm summer night.

Favorite Garden Tool: Yellow Watering Can.  My 9 trips inside and outside to water our plants is probably a little ridiculous.  Time for a (pretty) watering can!

Favorite TrifleOreo Cheesecake Trifles.  Ok, you twisted my arm, I will make these. 🙂

Favorite Recycling Tips: 7 Ways to Reuse Wire Hangers.  The hubby has been dry cleaning his shirts lately (we share a special kind of dislike for ironing), the problem is we are starting to collect a bunch of wire hangers.  Luckily, I stumbled upon this list of ways to recycle them!  I’m also open to craft ideas….GO!

Favorite Breakfast: Lemon Crepes.  I love a good crepe.  These sound quite tasty and I love the presentation!

Favorite Date Ideas30 Ideas for Date Nights At Home.  Alright, a typical night in our house involves watching TV.  Last week we started playing charades, because we’re cool like that, and it was so much fun!  I definitely love the idea of date nights at home to break up the monotony.

Favorite Sandwich: Greek Salad Sandwich.  This recipe is needed because my boring turkey sandwich isn’t doing the trick anymore.

Favorite Outdoor DecorString lights on an outdoor wall.  Ohhh, pretty lights.  I wonder how they hang the lights without damaging the wall?

Favorite Cool Treats10 Ultimate Summer Popsicle Recipes.  I will take one of each, please.  Starting with the Fudgesicle, always start with the fudge.

Favorite Maps: 22 Maps That Show The Deepest Linguistic Conflicts in America.  I’m a pop girl all the way.  

Happy Friday!!

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