Friday Favorites

At last, the long weekend has arrived!!  Today marks the first day that our office is closed on Fridays for the summer.  I’m pretty sure I can handle four day work weeks for the rest of the summer.  It’ll be hard, but I think I’ll survive. 🙂  I’m gonna cut this short, because I think it’s dinner and a movie night for us Clarks.  So please enjoy your Friday and I’ll be back later this weekend to post some pics of the happenings of our weekend.  For now, please have fun browsing through my weekly round-up of favorites from around the web!

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites

Favorite Salad: Chipotle Chicken Taco Salad.  Mmmmmm.  The dressing on this salad sounds a-mazing.

Favorite Utensils: Bamboo Utensils.  Eco-friendly utensils that are durable and perfect for outdoor eating.  Pretty cute too, if you ask me.

Favorite Drink: Cantaloupe Drink.  I love cantaloupe, soooo much.  Fun fact: I ate an entire cantaloupe in one sitting as a child.  I can’t be left unattended with a cantaloupe, it will disappear.

Favorite Chart: What to watch on Netflix.  This is a great chart for what you should watch on Netflix for those of you who are indecisive.  I’m not indecisive at all.  Or wait, maybe I am.  I can’t decide.

Favorite Cheese: Fresh Goat Cheese.  This looks so easy to make!  Time to grill some apricots and slap some goat cheese on them!

Favorite Fashion: Black White Striped Sleeveless Pleated Dress.  Classy, wouldn’t you agree?

Favorite BurgerPoblano Avocado Turkey Burger.  BURGER TIME!!

Favorite Baskets: Burlap Baskets.  These baskets would be perfect for the onions and garlic that I let roll around in the pantry.

Favorite Salsa: Cowboy Salsa (aka Cowboy Caviar).  Oh yes!  I’m not sure that I would even need chips to eat this salsa.  It can head straight into my mouth hole.

Favorite iPhone Accessory: Alarm Dock.  Old School, meet New School.  You look good together.

Favorite TrayDIY Serving Tray.  Hooray, another use for my chalkboard paint!

Favorite Snack: Cucumber Feta Rolls.  Such a fresh and fun snack recipe.

Favorite Earrings: Indio Chevron Studs in Mint.  A to the dorable.

Favorite Frozen Treat: Frozen Banana Recipe.  For all of you Arrested Development fans, get your frozen bananas ready for the return of funny.  And don’t forget, “There’s always money in the banana stand.”

Favorite FunnyOur new nightly tradition is watching Scrubs.  An oldie but a goodie. 🙂

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!!

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