Friday Favorites

What. a. crazy. week.  My friends and family in the Sioux Falls area have been experiencing Icepocalypse 2013 and I feel terrible for everyone who has been without power or had damage done to their property in this mess.  I wish I could be with them helping clean up and drinking hot cocoa.

This mess has also made the final week of tax season quite interesting, the office (I work from home in Colorado for a company in Sioux Falls) has been without power since Tuesday morning.  Slightly difficult to do taxes.  Word on the street is that power should (fingers crossed) be restored tomorrow.  Luckily my boss was able to pull some data from our network and put it on her laptop, so her and I have been able to chip away at returns.  Today we had 5 generators going at the office and were functioning at a higher level.  I better find some energy somewhere because it looks like I could be doing taxes nonstop until the 15th!  Tax season loves to keep me on my toes.

IMG_4922I’m glad there are only 3 days left, I think that’s about all I can handle.

Whatever weather you are in, I hope that you make the best of your weekend.  Happy Friday, please check out my favorite things from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites!

***click on the red text to be led to the sources of my favorites

Favorite Cupcake: Lemon Meringue Cupcakes.  Not only do these cupcakes sound delicious, they look gorgeous!  I am so getting a blow torch.  Beware.

Favorite Bucket: Rock Covered Bucket.  Me thinks this a must-do project for the plants I’m envisioning on our new terrace.

Favorite Cake: Brown Sugar Pound Cake with Caramel Drizzle.  Shut. Up.  Don’t think that I won’t try to grab that cake through the computer screen.  It looks irresistible.

Favorite Travel Helper: Travel Neck Pillow Cover.  Is it bad that part of the reason I’ve never bought a neck pillow is that they are never cute?  Making a cute cover for the outside of the pillow would absolutely make me want one.  Pst…check out the name of the blog this comes from, of course I would love this project!

Favorite Sandwich: Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese.  Genius!

Favorite Wall Hangings: T-Shirt Canvases.  You know those old t-shirts that you love so much you just can’t put them in your “Donate” pile?  This is a fantastic way to keep your old t-shirts and jazz up some empty wall space!.  Wouldn’t this be fun in a rec-room?

Favorite Pie: Homemade Banana Pudding Pie with Nilla Wafer Crust.  I bet this tastes magical.

Favorite Bracelet: Leather Bangles Set in Brown.  You won’t catch me wearing leather pants anytime soon ever.  However, adding the edgy bit of leather to some bangles is a bandwagon I can hop on.

Favorite Muffins: Strawberry Corn Muffins.  I’d never thought about the combo of strawberries and corn meal together before, but something about that combo just seems fantastic.  I can’t wait to make some!

Favorite Kitchen Concept: These Bi-Color kitchen cabinets are not something I typically would like.  I stick with neutrals and classic designs that won’t go out of style…but there’s just something that I love about this kitchen.  It’s so cozy and inviting.  I’d take it. 🙂

Favorite Corn Dish: Mexican Corn Cakes.  A sweet tasting corn cake topped with avocado, salsa, and a poached egg.  Surely delicious.

Favorite Hair Accessory: Five Strand Braided Headbands.  Here’s another project using t-shirts.  For those days (ahem, most days) when I want to wear a ponytail but want it to look cute.

Favorite Chow: Cookies N’ Cream Muddy Buddies.  Like I needed another reason to want puppy chow.  OREOS!!!!!

Favorite Home Accent: Door Knob Curtain Tie-Back.  Does this qualify as chic?  I like chic.  Shabby chic.

Favorite Dunkers: Nutella Biscotti.  I think my coffee is lonely and needs some biscotti to go with it.

Favorite Happy: I was grinning for all 5:56 of this.

Happy Friday!

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