Friday Favorites

Do you know what today is?  FRIDAY!!  This week has flown by for me.  Now I’m looking forward to a fun-filled weekend with my sister, Jennifer, coming to town!  She’s flying in early tomorrow and staying until Wednesday…so we’ll have 5 days to do whatever we want.  Included in that will surely be food, a trip to Boulder, cinnamon rolls, shopping, cake, Jason Mraz at Red Rocks, more food, and even more fun.  🙂  I’m excited for the next few days!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend & enjoy this week’s roundup of my favorite things from around the web!

***click on the red text to be led to the source of my favorite

Favorite Football Food7-Layer Dip Pizza Cupcakes.  I will take all of these, please.

Favorite Napkins: An easy how-to on folding napkins into bows.  How cute.  Thank you Martha S.

Favorite Drink: Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice K-Cup Coffee.  I need to buy some of these!  Does anyone know where I can find these on sale??

Favorite Apron: I have a thing for aprons.  My mom has made me some really cute ones…maybe I can send her a cyber hint to make me one like this. 🙂  Or I might just have to buy this one from Flirty Aprons!

Favorite Cake:  Oreos and Chocolate Mousse Layered Cake.  I don’t know how this wouldn’t be great.

Favorite Nail Trick: How to use tape to make striped nail polish.  This looks easy!

Favorite Pasta: Spaghetti with Tomatoes, Black Olives, Garlic, and Feta Cheese.  Looks delicious!  I would swap the black olives (I’m not a fan) for kalamata olives.

Favorite OrganizerGlue rope to old coffee cans for a chic bathroom organizer!  Love this idea!

Favorite CookieCinnamon Roll Cookies.  Cinnamon roll in cookie form, sign me up!

Favorite Pumpkin DecorUse cookie cutters to carve pumpkins.  Why hadn’t I ever thought of this?!

Favorite Sandwich: Sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe!

Favorite Take-Home Boxes: What a great idea!  Take-home boxes for cake and pie.  Much better than trying to cram cake into a plastic bag for guests to take home.

Favorite Dip: Cannoli Dip.  In this case, take the gun, leave the cannoli dip.

Favorite Band AidsI sliced a nice little chunk of my finger the other week.  I could have used these band aids.

Favorite Pizza: Carnitas Avocado Pizza with Chipotle Avocado Mayonnaise Drizzle.  Oh man, this sounds AMAZING!

Favorite VaseDIY Glitter Vases.  The 503rd DIY Vase project I want to do….

Favorite BreakfastPumpkin Latte Coffee Cake.  So you’re saying I can have pumpkin for breakfast?!

Favorite Fun Find: My sister, Shannon, let me know about the new Curiosity Shoppe at Target.  I checked it out last weekend and it’s all so fun!

  Favorite Cupcake: Caramel Apple Cupcakes.  The taste of fall in a few glorious bites.

Favorite FunnyIt’s that time of year when tv shows start making their way back on air for fresh seasons!  One of my favorite shows is “Parks and Recreation” on NBC, which had its premier last night.  Funny as always!

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