Friday Favorites

Me: Hello Friday.  How are you?

Friday: I’m swell.  How ’bout yourself?

Me: Can’t complain now that you’re here.

Friday:  That’s what I always hear. Thank you.

Me: No, thank you.  Stay awesome, my friend. Come back soon.

Oh hey, didn’t see you there.  Don’t mind me, I was just thinking about what I was mumbling to myself this morning as I stumbled around grasping for a cup of coffee.  The caffeine surging through me is helping me conquer this work day so I can get onto a fun weekend.  Hanging with friends tonight, watching football tomorrow, doing crafts all weekend, Skyping with my parents on Sunday, and enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having.  Any big plans for you all this weekend?

Another reason I love Fridays…Friday Favorites!  Have fun checking out some of the things that peaked my interest this week on the internet.

***Click on the red text to be led to the source of my favorites

Favorite MealCajun Shrimp & Rice.  A fresh, light, and flavorful meal!

Favorite Wall ArtSimple wall art.  Take a newspaper and Modge Podge it to a canvas.  Stick on a saying that you want & paint.  Peel off the letters and you’ve got yourself a fancy wall hanging.

Favorite BreadPeach Streusel Bread.  This bread is making my mouth water.

Favorite FashionIt’s too warm outside (not complaining) to wear this look yet…but you better believe I’ll be on the hunt for this outfit before the temps dip too much lower.

Favorite DrinkPumpkin Spice Frappe.  And it’s healthy.  Say what?!

Favorite OrganizerI am in need of these drawer dividers.  My kitchen utensil drawer is a mess.  I’m surprised my hand hasn’t gotten lost in there.

Favorite Pie: Mini Lemon Meringue Pies.  This recipe sounds super easy.  These little guys are cute.

Favorite Pillow FixerThe pillows on our couch are pretty sad-looking.  They have feathers flying out of them constantly….it looks like we kill birds in our house.  I love the step-by-step instructions (and pictures!) for these pillow covers.  Can’t wait to make them!

Favorite FudgeCookie Dough Fudge.  I’m always up for a new fudge recipe and this one’s no bake!

Favorite DIY Door MatHow easy and adorable!  I think my husband could use another woodworking project…

Favorite Side: Parisienne Potatoes.  Some of the best food is prepared simply.

Favorite AccessoryThis beaded ball pendant necklace is dainty and elegant.

Favorite BreakfastCaramel Banana French Toast.  French toast is quite possibly my favorite breakfast.  Throw on banana caramel and it’s no contest.

Favorite Glass CustomizationA how-to on glass etching.  I’ve never thought of doing this myself, but it seems like something I could do.  What a great gift idea, too!

Favorite Appetizer Baked Spinach Dip Mini Bread Bowls.  Popable food is so hard to resist.

Favorite Fall WreathThe fall wreath I have has seen better days.  Guess I’ll just have to make this one. 🙂

Favorite Use of CornSweet Corn Risotto.  I love risotto and sweet corn…why not combine them?

Favorite CakeApple Cinnamon Crumb Cake.  It’s like autumn on a plate.

Favorite Fresh TunesThe Avett Brothers’ new album is coming out on Tuesday!  Yipppeeeeee!

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