Back Where I Come From: Trip Back to Iowa & South Dakota

I’m back in Colorado!  We had a wonderful time in Iowa and South Dakota spending time with family and friends.  The time back there always goes waaaay too fast!  The highlights of the trip included a birthday party for my sister, Jennifer, and niece, Ava (haven’t been able to celebrate with them since 2008!), a Pinterest party with 2 dear friends, visiting my Grandma, hanging out with my parents, visiting a couple of close friends, having a big family dinner with Josh’s family, baking a birthday treat for my sister and doing crafts with my mom, and seeing Josh’s parents’ huge garden!  Oh, so much fun. 🙂  Take a look at my picures from the trip and stay tuned tomorrow for a recipe for Tiramisu Brownies.

Pinterest Party Weekend with Cindy & Sarah

I had the Peanut Butter Burger at Tinner’s in Sioux Falls. Sounds weird, but it was actually really good!

Breakfast is served! Yummy egg cups with peppers, ham, and cheese.

Can you crack an egg with one hand? I sure can’t! Sarah & Cindy mastered it though.

For lunch we had a taco party! I promise we did more than just eat for our Pinterest Party…

Some of the crafting mess. We worked on making stencils and letters with a Cricut, yarn bottles, t-shirt scarves, jute letters, fabric flowers, balloon vases, and more! It was a fantastic day.

The yarn bottle I made. Bottle + yarn + glue = funky vase!

One great part of the day, plopping Cold Chocolate Snacking Cake on the floor, grabbing 3 forks, and digging in. 🙂

Two of the best friends a girl could ask for.

Apron wearing ladies! We will be having a girl’s day/Pinterest Party a couple times a year, for sure.

Double Birthday Party!

The birthday girls!

Happy Birthday!!

The birthday cakes.

Make your wishes!

Ruby had lots of fun with balloon animals (in this case, a 3 leaf clover).

Ava reading.  She loves books!

The gang (minus Shannon & Derrick).

Time for piggy-back rides and high-fives. Do they know how to party or what?

Fyi, this has nothing to do with the birthday party. But how fun are these nails?! Jennifer and I painted our nails and used these adorable nail stickers. The nail color is “Hazard” from Sinful Colors and the nail sticker is “Mod About You” from Sally Hansen Salon Effects (all bought at Target).

Be back tomorrow with a FANTASTIC treat!

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