Friday Favorites & 30 Before 30

Today I enter the last year of my 20’s.  Surprisingly, I’m not freaking out about this.  Ask me next year when I turn 30 and I might feel differently. 🙂  Before I show you this week’s Friday Favorites, I want to share a list of 30 things I want to accomplish before I turn 30.  It goes a little something like this….

30 Before 30

5 Books I want to Read:

1. The Count of Monte Cristo
2.  A Tale of Two Cities
3.  The Great Gatsby
4.  Ulysses
5.  1984

5 Things I want to cook or bake:

6.  Macarons (successfully this time)
7.  A Mexican Mole
8.  Fried Chicken (fried in lard, obvi)
9.  Homemade Tortellini
10. Beef Bourguignon

5 Things ways to give back to others:

11.  Donate to Kiva.
12.  Volunteer my time.
13.  Donate school supplies to the local Brighton Public Schools.
14.  Donate to the Pine Ridge Reservation.
15.  Donate to a food bank.

5 Places to go and trips to take:

16.  Watch the sunrise in the mountains.
17.  Go to A Taste of Colorado or another food festival.
18.  Plan a trip abroad.
19.  Go to the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game.
20.  Eat at Fruition.

5 Things I want to do for/with family and friends:

21.  Mail a letter to one family member or friend every month.
22.  Have a slumber party with my nieces.
23.  Send out surprise baked goods to friends and family.
24.  Plan a mom/daughter, dad/daughter day, and a sister day!
25.  Have a Pinterest/Girl’s Day with friends.

5 Things I want to do for myself:

26.  Get a recipe accepted on Foodgawker.
27.  Plan a special date night with my hubby once a month.
28.  Take a cooking class.
29.  Organize my recipes into photo books.
30.  Make a list of 31 before 31.

This list made me extremely excited for the year to come.  I’ll keep you all updated on the progress as the year goes by.

Without further ado, here is this week’s Friday Favorites!

***click on the red text to be led to the source of my favorites.

Favorite Birthday BreakfastI should have had these for breakfast!!!  Oh well, I did put a scoop of chocolate cookie ice cream in my iced coffee this morning….

Favorite BangleI think this bangle set is fun & funky.  I really love the color combination of the turquoise, gold, and blue.

Favorite Fast TreatA 60 second Chocolate Chip Muffin!  This could be a dangerous weapon to have in my arsenal!

Favorite Dream Home FeatureLove!  Pallets transformed into comfy seating in a media room.  Such a great idea!

Favorite Comfort FoodI love me some mac & cheese!  Here’s John Legend’s recipe for Mac & Cheese.

Favorite FashionIsn’t this dress pretty?!  I love the color!

Favorite Fair FoodI love funnel cakes!!!  Thanks @taylortakesataste for posting this fabulous recipe!

Favorite DIY Wine Cork CraftsThis link has a ton of ideas for wine cork crafting.  I especially love this one with corks used as herb garden markers.

Favorite TruffleI forgot all about those delicious, frosted Circus Animal Cookies!  Now I can make them in truffle form….win.

Favorite Key ChainGet a penny from significant years in your life and turn them into a key chain.

Favorite Hot Diggity Dog: A combination of sloppy joes and hot dogs.  Ok, I’ll take a sloppy dog!

Favorite Recycled PackagingTurn an old egg carton into a mini muffin holder.  This idea is for an Earth Day gift, but why not do it anytime of the year!

Favorite Food with a Memory: My Grandma Fuoss used to make us Cinnamon & Sugar Toast for breakfast when we were little.  I LOVE it to this day.  When I saw this recipe for Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread, the memories just flowed back to me. 🙂

Favorite Bathroom TrickUse a magnetic strip to hold bobby pins in place.  I always lose these little guys!  Now I know how to keep them all corralled.

Favorite Drink: Iced Strawberry Green Tea.  Doesn’t that sound refreshing?

Favorite AccessoryI think this feather ring is so pretty!  I’m a gold jewelery fan.

Favorite Birthday CakeHow to transfer a pattern onto a cake roll!  Brilliant!

Favorite FunnyOh man, I’m stinky milk!

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!!!

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