Arts & Crafts Time

Why don’t I get arts & crafts time everyday like I did when I was a kid?  I’m an accountant.  I’m pretty sure the IRS frowns upon creativity in my world.  So I’ve promised myself more time to use the creative side of my brain and have found a few craft projects on Pinterest that will keep the creative kid in me alive!  Pinterest, if you’ve never heard of it, is a magical, photo sharing land of projects, food, fashion, etc found on the inter-webs.

I found a great Menu Board project from another blog that was posted on Pinterest and decided to tackle the project.  I followed the instructions for the most part, but changed a few things: I didn’t put the glass back in the frame (in case I want to use the frame/glass in the future), I used pieces of cork board instead of clothespins for my recipes, and I didn’t laminate anything.  I also haven’t completely figured out how I want the board to work for me.  I printed out some of my favorite dinner ideas with ingredients inside to help make a grocery list for things that I don’t normally have.  I think it will take using it awhile to figure out the most efficient way to use the board, but I’m hoping it will help make meal planning easier!

The finished product!

Menu for the week

Meal with ingredients for grocery list

I hope this sparked some creative ideas for you!

In other crafty news…..

My parents have been making spoon & fork rings!  They’ve been taking old spoons & forks and turning them into fashion for your fingers!  How clever 🙂

I'm not a hand model.

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