Why I Love to Cook

Sorry I’ve not posted for a few weeks, between moving from Denver, visiting family and friends in South Dakota & Iowa, and now adjusting back to life in Virginia I’ve not made the time to post.  But now I’m back.

I’ve got a few new recipes and a book review that I’ll be posting in the coming week or two.  For now though, I thought I’d add a personal post to let you know what cooking means to me (warning…I may get sappy in this post)

Food to me is more than nourishment and for that I know I am very fortunate.  I’ve been blessed with wonderful people cooking for me in my life.

My mom is amazing in the kitchen (and I’m not just saying that because she subscribes to my blog).  One of my favorite food memories was making a Chicken Broccoli Lasagna with her when I was in Junior High-a process which took a few hours.  This was perhaps, the moment when I really knew I loved being in the kitchen.  Her potato salad, crescent rolls, scalloped corn, meatloaf, oatmeal dinner rolls, and strawberry pie are just a few of my favorites…I tell you, that woman can do no wrong in the kitchen.  Of course she learned from a wonderful woman, my Grandma Scott.   She was wonderful in the kitchen,  my favorites from her were Rhubarb Pudding (a.k.a. Dump Cake) and homemade caramels.  Then there’s my Grandma Fuoss who makes Sugar Cookies like none you’ve ever tasted and of course her famous Italian Spaghetti that would simmer on the stove all afternoon.  I also loved the stuffing she made at Thanksgiving and walking into the farmhouse at Christmastime and seeing pies and cookies for miles.  Other food memories…Potato Pancakes courtesy of Grandpa Fuoss,  Tube Salad, practicing decorating with frosting on paper plates at Aunt Theresa’s house, and making homemade cake donuts with my parents and sisters.  I could seriously go on for days about the food I’ve grown up on, but I digress.

How could I not love cooking with all of these memories?  It’s easy for me to realize why I love being in the kitchen so much…food is an expression of love for me.  There was so much love behind the food that was fed to me growing up, that now I feel like it’s my job to do the same.  When I cook or bake for people that I care about, it brings me so much happiness to think that I can bring them joy.

I’ll wrap this up for now, only because I’ve got Rhubarb Pudding waiting for me…

2 thoughts on “Why I Love to Cook

  1. Very touching, inspiring, and true! I love your description of cooking and although I am not near the cook you are, I agree that food is “an expression of love!” Love checking your blog and excited to try those cake donuts!

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